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Basement Drywall Renovations

Drywalls can change the looks of your basement. Their installation is often one of the last phases of basement renovation. Still if you want to make fundamental changes, which would include the installation of basement kitchens and bathrooms, you need to take into account the space needed for basement drywall installation. When it comes to such large and serious projects, you can leave everything to our contractor. Measuring properly, considering potential future water damage, and taking into account every little detail which will ensure the structure’s stability are all part of our job. So if you need to do any basement drywall renovations in Toronto, Ontario, give us a call.

Trust the expertise of our basement drywall contractor

Our basement drywall contractor will be there from day one to measure the space, offer solutions, and provide ideas. One of the major problems with basements has to do with moisture. So we use the most resistant drywalls, especially if they are installed under kitchens and bathrooms. And we also insulate the drywalls to isolate the room from noises and help you keep the right temperatures. When you trust Perfection Drywall Contractor Toronto to install but also remove or replace drywalls at your basement, you can be sure the job will be done correctly. We don’t only care to provide solutions, which will make an aesthetic difference today, but solutions which will continue to serve your needs in the future.

We install & repair drywalls at basements

For this reason, we can also do any basement drywall repair work needed. If you have problems with the existing drywalls at the basement, let us fix them. We do patch repair work and fix joints. We can also replace the existing drywalls if they are damaged or in bad condition. When we install new drywalls, we always take into consideration the electrical wires, ducts and other equipment before basement finishing. And do our job accordingly so that you will have beautiful walls but still a practical basement.

What’s also very important to basement drywall renovations is stability. You can be sure that our work complies with all standards for complete safety. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need further details or information about our basement drywall renovation Toronto work.

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